Tomorrow Starts Today, Start Planning!

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Tomorrow Starts Today

As Mark Twain famously said, “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you did not do, than by the ones you did .” Don’t you think you should start planning?

Let’s be honest for a moment. Are you putting off your dreams of adventure and discovery, until you finish helping other folks achieve theirs?

Of course, you are.   We all do it!  Our days are filled with nonstop demands of kids and career, maybe even coaching, church and other community commitments.

That is totally normal.  Frequently, we must simply leave our own dreams to the side for ‘another day’.  Some elusive moment in the distant future, when we finally have enough time, money, vacation days, and no more excuses.   Life has a way of shifting our priorities. Hopefully, though, one morning we will wake up to realize that Our Day has arrived. So why not be prepared?

How can you start planning your Dream Visit to Ireland?

Wisdom says the longest journey starts with a single step.  So put your best foot forward!  Start saving today: Save your money, save your ideas, save your favorite poems, save your wonder, save your plans. Post sticky notes and photos around the office and home.

Gather it all up and one day,  “Tomorrow will Arrive”.

A colleague used to have a yellow sticky note on her wall with one word:  VENICE!  Once she started planning, it only took her a few years to save. Finally, she did it.  She even saved enough to bring her mother along on the adventure, and now they have stories to last both lifetimes.

Insights IrelandTo help, we have created “Insights Ireland” –an online news journal about travel to Ireland. This exciting collection of features is curated from numerous sources to inspire your planning.

Please visit “Insights Ireland” and tell us what you think!  If you enjoy it, please share our journal with your friends.  What kinds of improvement would you like to see?

Thank you and here’s to Tomorrow!


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