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 Experts, authors and artists keep Irish history and heritage…. alive!

Ireland’s history, culture and traditions have tremendous universal appeal. Over 40 million share Irish heritage in North America and millions travel to Ireland every year to experience the magic in person.

What would you like to discover?   We have an extensive range of expert artists, authors, and academics available in the following areas.


  • Irish Cultural history
  • Irish traditional music, dance and song
  • Geneaology and Irish diaspora
  • The great irish famine & the irish exodus to America
  • the influence of the catholic church on irish culture
  • European history & Napoleon’s impact on Ireland
  • Understanding heritage and Irish world perspectives
  • Collecting oral history from family and communities
  • Strategic genealogy research
  • Concerts and workshops
  • Trilingual events (English, French, Irish)
  • Author readings
  • Educational program development
  • Irish studies academic strategies
  • 1916/2016 Centenary programs on Irish independence


  • Social and fraternal organizations
  • Genealogy associations
  • Retirement communities
  • University continuing education programs
  • Catholic parish outreach programs


All presentations are customized to the needs of the hosts.

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– CLARE-FM interview by Pat Costello with author Gearóid Ó hAllmhuráin (Flowing Tides–History and Memory in an Irish Soundscape, Oxford University Press, 2016)

Our speakers motivate your audiences with unique stories and depth of experience. They make complicated issues understandable and relevant. Public and private gatherings, alumni groups, retirement groups, book clubs, fraternal and service associations (eg Ancient Order of Hibernians, Rotary Clubs, Knights of Columbus),  and more.

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experts Authors and Artists series2016 FOCUS:  

1916 Irish Rebellion– Irish independence from England

On Easter Monday 1916, a small group of Irish rebels—including women, teachers, farmers and workers—faced down thousands of English soldiers in a brave stand for Irish independence.  And they fought to end centuries of British colonial oppression.

Despite being grossly outnumbered and outgunned, their military defeat was a moral victory for Irish dispersed around the globe. Eventually, these actions in Dublin lead to the creation of an independent Irish state and contribute to the eventual disintegration of the British Empire.

Soon the historic 1916 Irish Rebellion inspired freedom struggles throughout the world. The map of global imperialism– from Ireland to India– was changed forever.

Now, in this centennial year of 2016, a global spotlight has been placed on Ireland. How did the events occur? Who were the brave men and women willing to lay down their lives for freedom? Why would so many innocent children die? What do the eyewitness testimonies reveal? What have we discovered amid copious and detailed British documents?

What is the great legacy of 1916, only 50 years on the heels of one of the worst cultural genocides in history?

What lessons can be learned for modern times?

2017 FOCUS:  

Brexit, Ireland and the Flowing Tides of European Politics


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