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  Poets, Pipers, and Poisoned kings Mystery, mayhem and music flourished in ancient Ireland. Why else would Ireland’s best-known bards be awarded a seat of honour at the royal table? What power did they command or secrets keep? This privilege was no small event.  Ireland’s poets and composers could guarantee […]

Mayhem and Music in Ancient Ireland: Who murdered Owen Roe ...

In 1997, we brought a group of friends for their first – and likely only – visit to Europe.  Per usual, our guide had impeccable qualifications, expertise in European history, languages, music and other cultural traditions.  We were in superb hands, trusted his advice and still today, that trip – the France portion, that is – […]

Does your Bucket have a Hole?

  How Travel helps you discover your Personal Truth *Inspired by the Winter Solstice   Ever since the invention of fire, families have huddled together in the flickering light eager for the telling of stories.  We gather around the Yule log, the campfire, the hearth, even the backyard barbecue, in search of the warmest […]

Travel to discover your Personal Truth