2017-18 Book Tour Professor Gearóid Ó hAllmhuráin

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Perfect for audiences who are curious about…

  • Irish cultural history
  • Irish traditional music, dance and song
  • Genealogy and Irish diaspora
  • The Great Irish Famine & the Irish exodus to America
  • The influence of the Catholic church on Irish culture
  • European history & Napoleon’s impact on Ireland
  • Journalists looking for expert analysis on Irish cultural traditions, Immigration history, Ireland’s colonial history

“In this unparalleled history of traditional music in County Clare, Ireland, Ó hAllmhuráin (Concordia Univ., Montreal) provides a thorough account of how regional, national, and international forces have influenced the music and culture of an area considered by many to be the heart of Irish traditional music.

The author offers excellent interdisciplinary context but never gets bogged down in academic prose; instead, his personal connection to the art (he is a skilled performer of traditional Irish music and a native of County Clare) and his facility as a writer give the topic the liveliness it deserves.– CHOICE

What audiences say…

“the sweetest music I’ve heard in years”

“Another insight into the work Dr Ó hAllmhuráin has done promoting Irish Traditional Music abroad. His scholarly approach, combined with his deep traditional background, illustrates the huge international impact he has made.”

–from Music, Memories and Magic at the Great Fleadh Nua  (Comhaltas Treoir Magazine)

“I gave him a million fragments and he pieced them all together to show us the Big Picture!”

–Frank Quinn, family historian and amateur genealogist, San Francisco

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What the critics say about Flowing Tides…

“With deft strokes, Gearóid Ó hAllmhuráin connects the small place to the big picture, creating an intimate and intricately detailed history of the renowned musical tradition of County Clare. Flowing Tides will become a monument of Irish ethnomusicology.”
–Henry Glassie, author, Irish Folktales and The Stars of Ballymenone

Flowing Tides is the finest book to appear on the music of Clare, the county widely regarded as the centre of gravity of Irish Traditional Music.”
–Kevin Whelan, director, The Keough Naughton Notre Dame Centre, Dublin

“You should most definitely have this book in your library!  Everything you’d want is in it! Flowing Tides is truly is one of the best books available, filled with true and accurate extracts of our musical heritage.”
–Séamus Connolly, Boston College Gaelic Roots series and the  Séamus Connolly Collection of Irish Music

Flowing Tides represents a decisive contribution to the discourse of ethnomusicology. This author is one of the great authorities on Irish music and its migration to Canada and the United States.”
Harry White, MRIA, Professor of Music, University College Dublin and editor, The Encyclopaedia of Music in Ireland